Future developments

  • Eliza Yard
  • Jersey Wharf
    • Eliza Yard

      Located on the corner of Jersey Street and Poland Street the site is currently used as a surface car park.

      Historically, the former Bengal and Rochdale Canal Arms would have connected to a central yard on the site serving the surrounding industries of glass and iron works. Remnants of the bridges over the former canal arms can be seen on Poland and Jersey Street adjacent to the site.

    • Our proposals

      Intend to create a unique new location for living to kick-start the regeneration of the Back of Ancoats with great amenities and strong place-making characteristics.

      The brief is for approximately 120 new dwellings through a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

      The scheme will rely on the Ancoats Mobility Hub to deliver its parking requirements. As a result, the scheme will only need two disabled parking bays, allowing the ground floor to be activated with commercial and workspace uses in addition to the building’s central amenity facilities.

      The scheme’s massing is intended to respond to the building’s existing context as well as the illustrative spatial masterplan within the NDF, staying within the proposed eight storey datum.

    • The design

      Will help promote strong future connections between Ancoats Green and the Rochdale Canal.

      Level thresholds will be provided to all parts of the building, both residential and commercial, as well as to the central yard space with two lifts serving all eight storeys.

      The proposed carbon philosophy is to implement a “Mean, Lean, Green” approach to developing an efficient, low carbon, comfortable and healthy building to help meet MCC’s low carbon targets.

    • Jersey Wharf

      Jersey Wharf will be a new residential community in Ancoats, as part of the regeneration of the Poland Street area.

      The site, which has been earmarked for regeneration for many years, will be transformed to deliver 190 new homes designed to support the city centre housing requirements within an attractive and sustainable development that fits with Ancoats’ character.

    • Our proposals

      The Site is located within the Ancoats and New Islington area.

      It is bounded by Jersey Street to the north, Rochdale Canal to the south, Flint Glass Wharf/Works to the west and grassland to the east. The Jersey Wharf scheme has been designed to complement its surroundings as well as its setting next to the Rochdale Canal.

      – Public and Private outside space with 24 new trees
      – Two eight storey buildings
      – 190 apartments, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed homes
      – 6000 sq ft of commercial space for local businesses
      – Residential amenity spaces including a club room and a gym
      – Two bike stores for residents, with one secure cycling space per home
      – High quality materials
      – Rooftop solar panels for clean power generation