Renting your home in the heart of Manchester is a lifestyle choice that delivers flexibility, freedom and great amenities.

So with rising demand for rental accommodation across our city, we have made it our mission to redefine renting in Manchester, providing desirable homes and great service in Ancoats and New Islington, two of our city’s most vibrant and attractive neighbourhoods.

Before starting to build we listened to a cross section of people already renting in Manchester.

We heard what would make a great home and what makes a great landlord. We also learned about what needs to change. This careful research has helped to shape our rental proposition, and we have something special to offer.

We believe in larger homes, higher ceilings, proper storage, energy efficiency, shared social spaces, and dedicated staff front and back of house to make renting with Manchester Life the smartest lifestyle choice.

From start to finish we are focussed on providing exceptional customer service, streamlining the rental process, and ensuring the attention to detail that encourages you to feel at home and stay for longer.

Modern City Living. No Complications. No Compromises.


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Lampwick Quay

213 homes of 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms and 2 & 3 bedroom duplexes, complete with residents courtyard. Facilities include an on-site gym, 24 hour concierge and residents lounge.

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Cotton Field Wharf

302 waterside apartments for rent, car parking, secure cycle storage, club room, gym, private terraces, 24/7 concierge and on-site maintenance team.

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Sawmill Court

158 apartments for rent in the heart of Ancoats, club room, gym, residents’ courtyard, secure on-site parking, secure cycle storage, 24/7 concierge, on-site maintenance team.

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Smith's Yard

14 two-bedroom townhouses and 185 one, two and three bedroom apartments in the heart of Ancoats. Club room, gym in next door building, residents’ courtyard, secure on-site parking, secure cycle storage, 24/7 concierge, on-site maintenance team.

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Weavers Quay

1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in a waterside location, club room, gym access, car parking, secure cycle storage, 24/7 concierge, on-site maintenance team.

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Our Rental Offer

When you choose a Manchester Life apartment for your home, you can expect:

  • Lobby areas with fireplaces, artwork, and lighting features, all designed to create that ‘welcome home’ feeling from the moment you step through the door.
  • Wide and bright communal corridors to lead you to your home.
  • Spacious apartments with high ceilings and generous built in storage, some with walk-through dressing areas.
  • High quality bathrooms and kitchens with plenty of cupboard space.
  • Broadband infrastructure from BT and Hyperoptic, and great mobile phone reception.
  • Well insulated buildings with top-up electric heating to keep you warm in the winter and your bills down.
  • Communal club rooms and outdoor space that create a sense of community, and access to a gym.
  • Secure allocated car parking & secure cycle stores.

From start to finish, customer experience is at the heart of Manchester Life:

  • We have a city centre show apartment enabling you to come and experience Manchester Life first hand.
  • Our dedicated team will be on hand to answer your questions and support you through the signup process, backed up by online systems that will streamline & simplify the tenancy process.
  • The Manchester Life concierges will be on hand at each property and always ready to go the extra mile, 24/7.
  • To simplify setting up your home, Manchester Life have partnered with Roomservice by CORT to offer optional furniture rental packages to suit your taste, budget, and requirements – it will be possible to rent everything from a single piece of furniture to a fully equipped home.
  • Our online tenant portal will enable you to receive news updates, look up useful information, log issues for prompt resolution, and request services such as cleaning or laundry from our trusted partners.

End of Tenancy & Renewals Process

At Manchester Life, our priority is to provide great homes and to be a pioneering and customer service focussed landlord.

We know that the life decisions you have to make near the end of your tenancy are important.

It's our job to make the end of Tenancy Agreement and start of a new Tenancy Agreement processes as straightforward as possible for you.

This is central to our commitment to rebalance the relationship between tenant and landlord.

Please contact our Leasing team right away if you'd like us to walk you through our processes.

Here is the new end of tenancy process:


When you first decide to rent with Manchester Life you will be free to choose a Tenancy Period of 1, 2 or 3 years.

Remember, if you sign for more than one year, that after the first year, you are free to give us two months’ notice during the fixed term, regardless of how long is left.

If you need a bigger or smaller home during your tenancy period, we will allow you to move if we have availability. If you move homes within Manchester Life, your existing Tenancy Agreement will be cancelled and you’ll sign a new one, ending on your original end date unless you want to extend this. Any new Tenancy Agreement issued has to be for a minimum period of seven months.


Approximately three months before your agreed Tenancy Period is due to end, we will write to you and send an email where we have your email address, setting out your options to take up a new Tenancy.

We will include the rent increases which would apply based on how long you choose to stay beyond the expiry of your existing fixed term agreement. This is a good time to chat to us about whether your home suits your needs, or whether you would like more or less space, or even to try one of our other buildings.

We ensure our rental prices are always competitive to the market, and we want to incentivise you to stay with us, so our pricing plan for new agreements will work as follows:

  • Our promise is that residents who choose to stay with us will always pay less than the current market rate for the same home
  • If you sign a new 1 year fixed term Tenancy Agreement, your rent increase will be no more than 5% of the rent paid under your current Tenancy Agreement
    If your current rent is £1000 PCM your new rent would be £1050 PCM
  • If you sign a new 2 or 3 year fixed term Tenancy Agreement, your rent increase will be capped at the published Retail Price Index (RPI) % on commencement and on each anniversary of the commencement of your enancy greement
    RPI in July 2019 was 2.8%, therefore if your current rent is £1000 PCM your new rent would be £1028 PCM for the next 12 months

    For added reassurance, the increase will be capped at 4% even if RPI is above that at any subsequent review date. Please remember that RPI fluctuates monthly, with a new rate published on or around the 18th of each month; we will always use the latest figure available to us
    If the RPI at the time of the increase anniversary was 4.8%, your rent increase would be capped at 4%, so if your current rent is £1000 PCM, your new rent would only be £1040 for the next 12 months
  • If you’d like to stay with us but can’t commit to a further 12 months (our usual minimum Tenancy period) let our Leasing Team know so that we can try to help


By two months before the end of your Tenancy Period we ask that you let us know what you’d like to do.

You can come into the Lettings office, send us an email or call us to discuss.

  • If you’d like to stay, and we hope you do; we will prepare a new Tenancy Agreement for you to sign based on your new home and how long you’d like to stay. We need this signed at least one month before your current agreement is due to end.
  • If you’re moving on from Manchester Life, we will be sad to see you go; it’s simply a case of confirming to us in a letter or email at least one month before the end of your agreement that you won’t be renewing with us. We will start to market your apartment before the end of your Tenancy Agreement and may need to make arrangements for viewings with you. You’ll then need to have moved out with your belongings on or before the last day of your Tenancy Agreement, and have followed the move out procedure set out in your welcome pack.
  • Your deposit will be returned within 14 days unless there are any issues identified during the move-out inspection, which we would discuss with you and seek your agreement before making any deductions. We will of course follow the correct process as laid out by the deposit scheme rules.
  • If you change your mind, and do decide to stay, as long as you let us know one month before the end of your tenancy, your home will still be yours provided you sign up to a new Tenancy Agreement based on the fixed terms we offer you in your renewal letter.
  • If it’s less than one month, we’ll do our best, but you may need to move apartments or move out until we have availability for you. We will honour the rent increase % offered to you in your renewal letter.


What happens if we don’t hear from you following our initial renewal notification letter?

If it gets to less than one month before the end of your Tenancy Period and you haven’t responded to our letters, calls or emails, and there is no new Tenancy Agreement in place, we will need to reconsider sending you a Section 21 notice as a last resort. This notice does not say you have done anything wrong; it is the process a landlord is required to use to formally give you two months’ notice to bring a Tenancy Agreementto an end.

If you then decide to stay with us and sign up for a new Tenancy Agreement, the rent increase in your renewal letter will still apply. When a new Tenancy Agreement is signed the Section 21 notice will no longer be valid, as the new agreement will supersede this.

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