Max Clemmett

September 21, 2016

max-clemmettMy first placement was with building contractor, GRAHAM, who gave me an inside look at the day to day running of a company in the construction industry.

As this was my first taste of the industry, being thrown into the deep end meant easing in to the job wasn’t an option but overall I believe it was beneficial as construction is a fast paced environment so being exposed to this was a blessing in disguise.

My second placement was with Manchester Life, which was a completely different environment from my time at GRAHAM, and this sums up what the Manchester Life Apprenticeship programme is all about.

As Manchester is my natural habitat being able to see just how fast it’s developing is great and this growth looks set to continue for years to come.

With two placements down, I hope the next year and a half will carry on being as invaluable as it has been already and for anyone reading who fancies a once in a lifetime opportunity… I’d say come and join the Man Life team!

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