Jake Hoskisson

September 21, 2016

jake-hoskissonThe Manchester Life Apprenticeship has provided our group with highly valuable experience across many different aspects of the construction industry. Personally I’ve learnt how a construction project begins from its initial stages of concept to getting into contract and then the actual construction of the proposed building – and all the details in between.

Through the apprenticeship I have learnt how to start, track, manage and complete tasks with different companies. This has given me a greater understanding of how the construction industry works while also allowing me to add value as an apprentice.

During my time with Sisk I assisted the Engineer in setting out the site, monitoring the exterior of the site and setting out piles for Cotton Field Wharf’s foundations.

While at Mace, I spent time with the project managers working on Manchester Life. Here I focused my time on a series of small projects such as the Ancoats traffic management plan, where I collated information on the road closures and traffic routes over the duration of the project.

Currently, I am finishing a placement at Eric Wright where I have been shadowing commercial managers to find out how a project is controlled through cost, completing hands-on tasks such as measuring and also desk based tasks such as tender appraisals.

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