The Hip Hop Chip Shop comes to Ancoats

We’ve grafted hard to build this business from scratch for 3+ years, its been non-stop but our own restaurant was the dangling carrot to keep us going. The customer support and industry recognition for our food so far has given us so much faith along the way. Our mobile boombox catering trailer is looking after itself with bookings already coming in for 2019 – so bricks and mortar is the natural progression for us.

We can’t wait to get going on such an exciting project to flex our creative muscle in our own restaurant with people who are equally passionate as we are. We’re going to focus on fresh dishes along with meat, vegetarian and vegan options. Its all about simple food, done well.

We just want to show the world what we are made of. We’re going to create a relaxed dining experience with proper comfort food, tasty booze selection, live music, great artwork and top notch service.

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